Gonzalo Celayeta – Kimera Tinto – 2020

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Kimera Tinto
Gonzalo Celayeta, Navarra, Red Wine

Kimera tinto is a 100% Garnacha wine hailing from the high-altitude, 65-year-old vineyards in the mountains of Navarra. Elevated at 400 metres, the vineyard’s location ensures the grapes maintain a desirable acidity, particularly vital for the Garnacha variety. This maturity delivers a wine that boasts concentrated, pristine, and expressive flavors.







About the Wine

Kimera Tinto
Gonzalo Celayeta, Navarra, Red Wine

Kimera tinto is a 100% Garnacha wine coming from Navarra. The 65 year-old vineyard from which the grapes are sourced is located at a high altitude of 400 metres in the mountains of Navarra. This lets the grapes retain plenty of acidity, that in grapes like Garnacha, is very much appreciated. With its age it also produced a concentrated wine with very clean and expressive flavors.

The wine is medium bodied with some dark berry flavors, black cherries and with a hint of mountain herbs, thyme and rosemary. On the palate has the altitude distinct crispiness coming from the high-altitude vineyards, with some earthiness as the backdrop coming from the clay amphoras. A wine to be had with some heavier dishes and a good conversation.

Kimera is the inspired collaboration between Gonzalo and his friend Luis Moya, two enthusiasts deeply passionate about Garnacha. Both hail from Navarra, one of the northernmost growing regions for this grape variety, and their profound knowledge of the land ignited a shared desire. Determined to craft a Garnacha (or Garnatxa, as it's known in Navarra) they could take pride in, they embarked on a project marked by reverence for tradition and innovation. Utilizing ancestral methods and massive 4,000-liter amphoras, they have shaped a wine that allows the delicate characteristics of the grape to shine, untouched and true to its origins.


Roberto and his daughters
Country: Spain
Region: Navarra
Subregion: San Martin de Unx
Vintage: 2020
Soil: Calcareous Clay
Farming: Organic
Varieties: 100% Garnacha
Alcohol: 12,5%
Ageing: now-2028
Temperature: 12˚ C
Decanting: Recommended, 30 minutes