Demencia | Nacho León 

Castilla y León

When I first met Nacho back in early 2021, I knew he was a perfect fit for Nativo. There we were, in the heart of his vineyard, with him carefully tending to some very old vines. I was full of curiosity, and Nacho, patient and generous, shared his knowledge, answering every question I had. By the end of the day, it was clear: Nacho had a deep appreciation and understanding of the unique terroir of Bierzo.

His winery, aptly named Demencia, represents a touch of the madness one needs to fully immerse oneself in winemaking. And immersed he certainly is, single-handedly nurturing his vines and creating some truly extraordinary wines. Despite the region’s bounty of old vines and ambitious young winemakers, Nacho’s down-to-earth approach and commitment to honesty set him apart.

Nacho is a guardian of the earth, fostering healthy soils and breathing new life into old vineyards, abandoned when their owners grew too old for the task. His organic practices aren’t just about gaining a certification, they’re his means to achieve the high-quality wines he strives for. His hands-on approach extends to the approximately 3.5 hectares of head-pruned old vines he oversees, specializing in Bierzo’s main varieties: Mencía for reds and Godello for whites.

The soil in Bierzo is a wonder in its own right, characterized by sandy loam and a variety of clays. Combined with the age of the vines, ranging from 60 to 115 years, yields are small but the grapes they produce have an astounding concentration and complexity of flavour.

In the cellar, Nacho adheres to a philosophy of minimal intervention. He uses oak sparingly to add depth and complexity, while ensuring the distinctive floral character of the Mencía grape remains front and centre.

What’s fascinating about Nacho’s wines is the quality you find across the board. From entry-level to single vineyard, each one has unique attributes that distinguish it in the global wine scene. All his wines come from very old vines, and the reds undergo barrel ageing. Yet, despite the amount of work that goes into them, they’re incredibly well-priced.


Nacho’s wines offer a comprehensive exploration of the Mencía variety. From his Pyjama range which showcases Bierzo’s primary varieties, to the limited edition Cabarcos hailing from a vineyard nestled near the Galician border, each wine offers a unique facet of Mencía. For those with a little more patience, his single-vineyard wines offer an incredible reward. They come from vineyards where even the youngest vines were planted back in 1945. Full-bodied and flavourful, these wines can be enjoyed now, but they’ll also keep, becoming even more impressive over the next decade.

Ready to explore Nacho’s wines? Each one offers its unique profile—a reflection of the land it comes from and the thoughtful care that goes into its creation. Whether you’re an experienced wine lover or someone just starting out on the wine journey, there’s something for everyone in Nacho’s collection.


Castilla y León,  Bierzo, SPAIN