Gonzalo Celayeta

Gonzalo Celayeta


Gonzalo Celayeta hails from Olite, a quaint town near Pamplona in Navarra. Notably, Olite boasts some of Navarra’s oldest Garnacha vines. Having grown up in this landscape, Gonzalo possesses intimate knowledge of the soils, terrain, and, naturally, the Garnacha.

Surrounded by wine throughout his life, Gonzalo ventured into winemaking in 2004, albeit at a modest scale. By 2006, to sustain his passion, he took up the role of head winemaker at the cooperative in the neighboring village of San Martin de Unx. This position enabled him to maintain a boutique scale for his wines, emphasizing limited edition cuvées that mirror his philosophy.

Gonzalo firmly believes Navarra, overshadowed by its renowned neighbor Rioja, has its own unique story to tell. The terroir of Navarra is distinguished, benefiting from cooling influences: the Bay of Biscay to the north and the Pyrenees to the east, complemented by its hilly terrain. Historically, this region has crafted some of Spain’s most esteemed rosado wines, though they’ve often been overshadowed by the famed light-colored rosés of Provence.






Determined to champion traditional grape varieties of Navarra, Gonzalo aspires to craft wines that are not just enjoyable but also leave an impression. He intertwines his wines with personal narratives, weaving tales of family and friends. It’s a grand ambition: to reposition Navarra prominently on the wine map, an endeavor demanding both patience and tenacity.

Working with a modest 8-hectare of vineyard plots scattered around the foot of the mountains, Gonzalo caps his production at 15,000 bottles annually. He employs organic viticulture (though uncertified) and prioritizes minimal intervention, fostering vineyard biodiversity. Every grape is handpicked, and in the cellar, he champions spontaneous fermentations, leveraging yeasts native to each plot. His aging process is inventive, utilizing both amphoras and barriques to craft distinct wines.

For those keen on exploring lesser-known regions that deliver exceptional value, Gonzalo’s wines are a revelation. Designed to complement food, these wines remain ever accessible and welcoming.


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