L'Enclos de Peralba

L’Enclos de Peralba | Leo & Roc Gramona 


L’Enclòs de Peralba, located in the Penedès wine region of Catalonia, is the personal project of cousins Roc and Leo Gramona, sixth-generation winemakers from the Gramona family known for their acclaimed sparkling wines. The cousins embarked on this venture on the condition that they could make their own wines, an agreement they reached with their parents, allowing them to express their creative energy and reinterpret the region’s historical viticulture.

Before joining the family winery, Leo pursued a career in engineering and worked as a corporate advisor, while Roc travelled the world, learning viticulture practices across diverse wine regions including South Africa, Australia, California, and Montilla in Spain. His expertise in pruning led him to take charge of the Catalan School of Pruning.





Unlike their family’s flagship label, Gramona, which is known for its sparkling wines, L’Enclòs de Peralba primarily focuses on producing still wines from indigenous varieties of the Penedès region. The cousins aspire to bring back the Penedès wine identity that existed before the rise of the big houses of sparkling wines, focusing on the micro-terroir of individual parcels, which they believe has the potential to produce high-quality still wines.

The duo sources grapes either from family vineyards or plots they find particularly interesting within the region, even including the names of local growers from whom they purchase grapes on their labels. The project’s name, L’Enclòs de Peralba, reflects the winemakers’ terroir-driven approach, with ‘Enclos’ meaning ‘clos’ in Catalan, referring to a walled vineyard, and ‘Peralba’ referring to the white rocks commonly found in elevated areas of the region.


Their portfolio consists of wines made from Macabeu, Garnacha Blanca, and Xarel.lo, among others, and their production model is designed to put the spotlight on privileged vineyard sites in the region.

L’Enclòs de Peralba’s winemaking practices are low interventionist, employing wild fermentations and a variety of aging vessels to achieve their desired expression of each wine. The winemaking takes place in a small cellar within the family winery, demonstrating their commitment to the project’s independence from the main family business.

The range of wines currently includes an entry-level winew called Vi Fi de Masia, and single-vineyard expressions, each aimed to reflect the unique micro-terroir of the parcel. The cousins continue to explore new vineyard sites in Penedès.

In their effort to revive traditional viticulture, Leo and Roc Gramona’s innovative approach is aimed at rekindling confidence in the quality and potential of Penedès vineyards. By focusing on single-parcel wines and working with indigenous grape varieties, L’Enclòs de Peralba is making a substantial contribution to the resurgence of the region’s wine identity and a noteworthy effort to redefine the Penedès wine landscape.


Penedes, Catalonia, SPAIN