Alfredo Maestro

Alfredo Maestro 

Madrid & Castilla y Leon

Alfredo Maestro is a hands-on winemaker hailing from Castilla y León, who began his winemaking journey in 1998 within the D.O. of Ribera del Duero boundaries but never decided to put his wines into the red wine appellation, working with the regional appellation of Castilla y Leon. Initially adhering to traditional cellaring methods, Alfredo’s ideology evolved over five years. By 2003, he was crafting wines without additives and only trace amounts of sulfur, a practice he continues to this day.

Inside of his quaint, multifunctional winery situated in the heart of Peñafiel, Alfredo maximizes autumn and winter temperatures for natural fermentation, clarification, and stabilization. His arsenal includes small stainless-steel tanks of up to 5,000 liters and French oak barrels of varying sizes—500 and 225 liters—as well as 2,000-liter chestnut barrels and Andalusian boots from Oloroso. Respect for the fruit is paramount; nothing is added to the wines to maintain their purity and authenticity. Indigenous yeasts from each vineyard trigger spontaneous fermentation, a salute to both land and grape.






Through a measured aging process—typically 12 to 18 months, and longer only for special wines—Alfredo opts for barrels with at least two or three prior uses to preserve the grape’s innate characteristics.

Today, Alfredo’s expertise spans across three regions. In his native Peñafiel in Castilla y León, the focus remains on the quintessential Ribera del Duero variety, Tempranillo. His vineyards, primarily located within the D.O. and nearby areas influenced by tributaries like the Duratón, Botijas, and Esgueva rivers, stand testament to his commitment. He’s also ventured into the high-altitude terrains of Gredos, specifically in the villages of Navarredondilla and San Juan de Molinillo, working with old vineyards above 1,000 meters to produce fruit-forward Garnacha and Albillo. His latest expansion is into Cigales, traditionally a rosé-wine territory.

Alfredo’s biodynamic approach draws from around 45 hectares of low-yielding vines, and very old vines aged between 70 and more than a 100 years old. In a region dominated by over-ripe, heavily oaked wines, Alfredo’s wines are a breath of fresh air, expressing the true essence of Spanish terroir while showcasing grape varieties in their most natural state.

One of Alfredo’s most admirable qualities is his versatility. He has the uncanny ability to produce a myriad of cuvées without compromising on quality. When you meet him, it becomes instantly clear where that infectious energy stems from. Just like his wines, Alfredo is fun, extroverted, and perpetually on a quest to make the world a happier place—one glass at a time.


Peñafiel (Cyl) & Gredos (Madrid)